A Blauwhaus edition of 365
Design by Isabel Bouttens
Words by Wim Wauman www.wimwauman.be
Print by Jozias Boone www.jozias.be

Bittersweet Memories

Once Upon a Time in the West
Pure Lovebirds sang
White, blue and ash-grey feathered stories
From Ritual to Romance
From start to end
– And back again

Two-tailed monsters
Deprived winds of fate
Freewheeling pilots – Roar!
Eden within walking distance
Beyond sorrow and desires,
Forever spread your wings

Three-tailed gestures
Tentacles of promise
Premises of ancient times
Unparalleled gates of insight
KEEP LOOKING – but mind the gap

Today’s caged memories
Released pipe dreams
Panoptical evolutions of man
By kind travelling framed eyelids
Behold Mother Nature
Hold dear – Dear
Heavenly blue cloud of predestiny

Wim Wauman, 5 juni 2019