Isabel Bouttens is an independent animation artist and illustrator living in Melle (Belgium).
She graduated with a master’s degree in animation at KASK (Ghent, 2002). Her animated films travelled all over the world and were selected at some of the most renowned filmfestivals.

Her work contains drawings and films for music, theater, books, magazines, prints, installations… based on playful experiments with analogue and digital techniques, creating often poetic and mesmerizing images and experiences, linked to her memories, dreams and everyday observations.

Isabel lives and works in a red brick house near the vibrant city of Ghent with her husband, two children, a cat and some chickens. When she is not drawing she is a floral gardener and nature-lover. Inspiring her most recent publication ‘Coco and Mint’, a gardening book for children (featuring lots of chickens), soon to be published by Clavis publishing and VELT.

In 2019 she was invited as a ‘dreamteam’ member of the ‘Blauwhaus’, an ambitious art residency, PhD research and ongoing art project by artist Wim Wauman. Resulting in some promising collaborations such as ‘Floating just Above’ an immersive musical
video installation and performance by composer Michael Harrison (USA) and cello player Pieter Stas.

Isabel teaches animation at the local art academies of Wetteren and Waasmunster and occasionally gives lectures, masterclasses and workshops.


2006 / Teacher’s degree, magna cum laude (KASK Ghent, BE)
2002 / Master in animation, summa cum laude (KASK Ghent,BE)

Selected Films

// Floating just Above // animation & music performance 30′ // 2020
Design / animation / with Wim Wauman (concept, design), Michael Harrison (music), Pieter Stas (cello)

// Lemniscaat //animation installation performance 2’31” loop // 2019
Concept / design / animation / with Wim Wauman (concept) and Pieter Stas (cello)

// Vol au Vent // animation short 7’30” // 2013
Concept / design / animation / with Annelies Van Parys (music)
Produced by Lunanime / Supported by VAF

// Absence // animation short  10’47” // 2006
Concept / design / animation / with Annelies Van Parys (music)
Produced by Trope Films / Supported by VAF

// Maanvis // animation short 6’35” // 2002
Concept / design / animation / with Annelies Van Parys (music) / Graduation film KASK Ghent
Supported by SABAM and Raoul Servais Foundation
Awarded Horlait Dapsens 2002 / Special mention, Film Fest Ghent (BE) 2003

// La Chasse Noire // animation short 1’50″// 2000
Concept / design / animation  / Student film KASK Ghent
Awarded Best debut Krok-festival, Kiev (UA) 2001

Selected publications / screenings / expo’s


// Book // Release May 2020
‘Coco en Munt’ / illustration
Rob Geukens / Emy Geyskens / VELT – Clavis Publishing – ISBN 9789044838121

// Animation / live performance // World Premiere Sint-Niklaas (BE)
‘Floating just Above’ / design, animation
Michael Harrison (USA) / Wim Wauman / Pieter Stas / Vincent Werbrouck @ Passages VII – SteM Sint-Niklaas

// Animation / live performance // Premiere Antwerp (BE)
‘Allemaal Beestjes’ / design, animation
Karel van Ransbeek / Annelies Van Parys / Gino Rizzi – M HKA / De Studio / Theater De Spiegel


// Animation / Live performance / Expo // Keizerskapel Antwerp (BE)
‘Blauwhaus objects and drawings with ‘Blauwhaus dreamteam’ – PhD defence Wim Wauman
Try-out ‘Floating just Above’ – with Michael Harrison (USA) / Wim Wauman / Pieter Stas

// Animation / Live performance / Expo // Kunstenroute ‘Wonderland’ Saint Amand Church, Moortsele (BE)
Live Performance ‘Lemniscaat’ – with Wim Wauman / Pieter Stas
‘Blauwhaus’ objects and drawings with ‘Blauwhaus dreamteam’
Curator: Veerle Michiels

//Art edition object / design // Thaumatrope ‘Keep Looking’
Letterpress by Jozias Boone – numbered 365 pc.
‘Blauwhaus’ with Wim Wauman @ Academie Waasmunster 

// Animation / Live performance / Expo // ‘Blauwhaus’ Ommegang // Waasmunster (BE)
Live Performance ‘Lemniscaat’ –  with  Wim Wauman / Pieter Stas
‘Blauwhaus’ objects and drawings with ‘Blauwhaus dreamteam’

// Poster // ‘Voedselrijk’ map//
Illustration / design / commissioned by Velt vzw

// Animated short docu // ‘Ons’ Vitrine’
Concept /animation / design / with OC De Beweging / commissioned by GC De Kluize Oosterzele

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