Alle kromme-wegen leiden naar Waartou

RolillustratorMediumdigitale illustratieSamen metWim Wauman (concept, schrijver) voor BlauwhausOpdrachtgeverKunstenfestival Watou

Isabel Bouttens en/and Wim Wauman voor/for Blauwhaus: Alle kromme-wegen* leiden naar Waartou, 2021 Illustration for centerfold of Blauwblad No. 03/Waartoublad and catalogue of Kunstenfestival Watou 2021. The maze is inspired by an emblemata of Jacob Cats and features at the center the ‘Galge’ of ’t Couthof in Proven (Poperinge) which was built as an orientation point for a maze in the nineteenth century. (#OudeTorens). The drawing contains some of the main protagonists and characters of Blauwhaus: Blue Cloud, Robin Asterisk* and Sisyphus and introduces some recent and new elements such as the Houten Hekwerk, #AirCrafts broomstick, the blue owl Heerr Grrimminck, Ssssst the snake, a boomerang, letterbox and the #MadCats. In the distance we see the church of Watou, hop plantations and ’three birds’.

Foto’s: © Wim Wauman